Whatever Emma Stone Is Selling, We’re Buying

Revlon recently gave us a sneak peek at the latest ads featuring the brand's newest Global Brand Ambassador, Emma Stone, and we're impressed. Seriously, if she was selling old batteries and the ads looked this good, we'd be the first in line to stock up.
Celebrities in beauty ads are nothing new, but rarely do brands tap into the cultural zeitgeist quite as effectively as they have been recently. Usually, for a celebrity to land a beauty deal, they need to have either achieved icon status (Elizabeth Taylor) or be at the very pinnacle of their career (J.Lo, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani). Lately though, there's been an influx of brands that are listening to the buzz and signing stars on the rise — Emma here for Revlon, and Zooey Deschanel for Pantene are prime examples.
It's a bit of a risk for the brands, who rely on the power of persuasion from a mega-watt celebrity to sell products. But lately, companies have come to realize that it's no longer the aspirational, perfect celebrity that translates into big $$$ at the beauty counters; in the age of social media, women want to relate to brands and they want their stars to be relatable, too. We connect with the celebs who have distinct personalities, rather than those who have been whipped through the glossy PR machine so many times that they've lost any semblance of self. We certainly hope this trend continues — Zooey and Emma are a lot more interesting to watch than so many of those too-perfect, milquetoast stars. Now, someone hurry up and give Jennifer Lawrence and Chloë Grace Moretz a beauty deal.
Does seeing a celebrity in a beauty ad make you more likely to buy the product? Tell us in the comments.

Photo: Courtesy of Revlon

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