Emily Ratajkowski On Being Unselfconscious About Dancing, Denim & Your Body

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA.
We already knew Emily Ratajkowski was our kind of girl when she busted out these gloriously awkward dance moves in this Vogue video. The actress underscored that #efftherules POV when we spoke with her about the importance of getting one’s groove on in a decidedly unsexy manner. Ratajkowski took a break from hosting Refinery29’s dinner celebrating Primark's stateside debut in Boston to discuss her moves. (No demo included, alas.)

“Let yourself go! Who gives a shit? Honestly, it’s way more fun to dance crazy than it is to dance ‘cool.’ You’ll have more fun with your friends if you just let loose,” Ratajkowski told Refinery29. “If I’m in the grocery store and I hear a song I really like, I’ll do a little move or two. I can’t help it.”

Oh just my after shower pre-coffee dance.

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Ratajkowski’s unselfconscious mindset extends to fashion, too: “For events, I’ll dress up, but in my everyday life, you’ll find me in overalls or a big T-shirt dress. I like overalls a lot — I have way too many pairs,” she says. “I also like boyfriend jeans that are four sizes too big and barely sit on my hips; you know, the kind that are meant for a big man.”

New digitals! Hire me!

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She also dispensed some wisdom about having a better, happier relationship with your body: “Young women have to realize: You’ll be 45 one day and wish that you had celebrated your body when you were 20!” Ratajkowski says. “Having that perspective is important. So is learning to love the things about yourself that you find attractive, forgiving yourself for the [body parts] you don’t like, and not trying to look at other women as examples.”

It's easy for someone like Ratajkowski to extoll that you-do-you sentiment, considering her model status, but her love-yourself (and your overalls, and your funky chicken dance moves) attitude is something we definitely find more compelling than the alternative.


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Now that I can dance!

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