Tips To Mask Any Beauty Emergency — Fast

About 99% of the time, we're able to apply our makeup without incident — our foundation goes on easily, our faces cooperate, and everything is just peachy. Then, you wake up with a hangover, a head cold, or a big, nasty stye, and your entire routine is thrown off course. Why? Because there's nothing like a mini health emergency to add a kink to your makeup-application process.
Since our cosmetics don't necessarily agree with some of these situations (ever try to apply concealer around a stuffy nose?), and we can't always stay holed up in our house until they subside, we need a plan B. So, we chatted with makeup pro James Vincent about how to mask these SOS scenarios, whether they be a serious sob session resulting in smeared eyeliner or a lobster-red sunburn after a daylong barbecue. Now you can stop with the stress. We've got your saviors ahead.

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