Elizabeth Olsen Talks Sib Closet Raids, Fave Foodie Spots & More


Elizabeth Olsen at the Element Electronics Apres Ski Retreat rocking a YARNZ scarf, while eyeing a turquoise six-time zone IceLink watch, and indulging in bespoke Mulberry Project cocktails, and Vinatta Project bites.

It was a whirlwind weekend of fun in the freezing cold at the Sundance Film Festival (more on that tomorrow), but one of the highlights was definitely catching up with our new favorite screen-queen style-setter, Elizabeth Olsen. With two movies at the fest, Red Lights and Liberal Arts, the newest Olsen on the scene was a busy girl, and we counted our lucky stars to score such a lengthy, dishy chat! With the most stunning wide green eyes, and the chillest demeanor, we found out that this ultra-down-to-earth (she shops and sells at resale hotspot Wasteland!) 22-year-old is into way more than clothes and clubs. Who knew just how insanely cool MK&A's little sis really was? Yup, we definitely have a new wannabe bestie, and you will, too, after reading our exclusive interview!

Besides the insane blizzard we're all trekking around in, how has this Sundance compared to last year's, when you were promoting Martha Marcy May Marlene?
"Last year was my first time talking about a movie ever, and I just didn't know how to do it! It was like a first everything. Now, after a year of doing press, I’m feeling a lot more confident and I know more of what to expect. So, it’s actually enjoyable."

Have you been able to hit the slopes with all of this fresh powder?
"I’m not good [at skiing], so no, I won't go. I don't think I'd make it off the lift! I’m afraid of heights, and all I’m thinking about is falling. You have to jump off of it and it keeps moving? What?! I don’t understand how people do that. I just have no desire."

How did you pack for this trip? Do you have any particular Sundance style secrets?
"Well, I always wear leather pants — always from The Row, but today, I opted out for some cords instead. I live in New York, so I really just wear whatever I wear there, here."

Speaking of The Row, do you ever ask your sisters for styling advice?

"It’s funny to be asked that because I don’t live with them, and they don’t dress me. Like, I’m an adult, ha! If I need to go to some sort of an event, a premiere or something, I’ll ask Mary-Kate if I can go into her closet — they have a bunch of samples that I just grab up."


We can't imagine how much fun it must be to shop that closet — do you do it often?
"I used to do it a lot more, but I’ve overgrown them by a lot. I overgrew them in high school, and then all of my friends started getting their hand-me-downs. So I’ll be like “Hey Eliza, what is that dress?' to one of my best friends. And she'll say, 'Oh, its Mary-Kate’s, she’s getting rid of some stuff.' And I'm always like, 'Great, because I couldn’t fit into it!'"

What designers are you currently crushing on?
"Definitely Marni and Céline. I wore an orange floral Proenza Schouler dress that I was like obsessed with to the W magazine pre-Golden Globes party. I also love Isabel Marant; I don’t have anything of hers, but I love her. Some pieces of Carven fit me so well — it’s always nice to have that. Yeah, I actually think Carven is probably my top designer right now. I’m actually not very good with all this designer stuff. I just know basic ones."

How often are you in L.A. these days? What do you like to do when you're there?
"I’m actually waiting out the winter in L.A. right now. Last year’s winter in NYC was just way too cold. I just moved into a part-time home with my girl friend.

I don’t really go out in L.A. I never have. I’ve always been the go-to-a-friend’s-backyard type of person. But I just went to Son of a Gun, it was so good! And Ink, it just opened. It’s so hard to get a reservation! Michael Voltaggio and I have sort of become friends — by that I mean that we talked for 20 minutes outside — we’re not really friends, if he saw that I said that he’d probably think I was a creepy person, ha! I really recommend sitting at the bar, they have the whole menu. I’m cool with doing that."
That surprises us, with your status! Do you normally go by Lizzie or Elizabeth?
"I go by Lizzie every time I make reservation or meet people in a non-business way. I’ve started to introduce myself as Elizabeth in the industry, because people get confused about what to call me, and I get confused, too! But I’m going to use my legal name with everything for film."

What are your favorite places to shop in L.A.?
"I like Wasteland, I’m a total Wasteland person. I even sell my stuff there, but they are so freaking picky! I took Marni pants that didn't fit anymore, and they were like 'No, its not in season.' Every time I go there, I try and spend whatever I get paid. So, I’m at least breaking even!

What about shopping for new clothes?
"I’m not really a big shopper. I love shopping for kitchen supplies, though. I like Williams-Sonoma and Sur la Table. I love to cook."
Do you have any cookbooks you'd recommend?
"I’m not really big on cookbooks. I’m really good at finding recipes online, and kind of creating my own. I’m a big fan of Wylie Dufresne. I love gastronomy. I filmed my movie Red Lights in Barcelona, and that's kind of the center of molecular gastronomy. I had three days off, and I just got to eat! I would have the most extensive lunches by myself with the weirdest combinations, with foams and powders. I just loved that."
Do you have paparazzi problems or stalker fans in any city?
"I don’t have problems in either NY or L.A. I’ll have the occasional person be like 'you're in a movie, right?' In NY, you walk around, so you blend in. In L.A., they know where you live, but I’m a Valley kid, so I’m not on the other side of the hill a lot. You also just know where to go and where not to go."

Photo: Courtesy of Fingerprint Communications.