A Home Tour For Girls Who Don’t Hang Up Their Clothes — & LOVE It

Photo: Courtesy of Tales of Endearment
It's hard to feel secure with your own stuff when you're clicking through style profiles. After all, these women are chosen specifically because they purport to do fashion and home better than the rest of us, from their color-coordinated closet full of Zara and Isabel Marant to their almost-fake-looking fiddle leaf fig tree hanging out in the corner. And, that's especially true when you're clicking through while belly-up on your bed, surrounded by a week's worth of worn clothes and a bodega plant that died sometime last month.
Although publications oftentimes conflate tidiness and access to luxury handbags with style, that's definitely not the case. Take, for instance, Elizabeth Ammerman of Ammerman Schlösberg, whose pad was recently shot for Tales of Endearment and whose style is anything but pristine. Her references are all over the place ("80s religious prom goth"), and her interests are, too ("I'm into Wicca, Faeries, aliens, and pretty much everything else"). Her place is a pastiche of awesome things, and there's a delightful lack of attention paid to making things look "nice." In short, it's a breath of fresh air from the desaturated, overexposed, chunky-knit-and-skinny-jeans images that you're supposed to think are "aspirational." Click through to Tales of Endearment to see all of the images. (Tales of Endearment)

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