Elijah Wood Spills Secrets Of His “One Ring” In Just 60 Seconds

As if the droll FX comedy Wilfred didn't make us love Elijah Wood, his totally cool, down-to-middle-earth attitude (plus a keen Band of Outsiders-laden fashion sense) really make us fear that we might have a Hobbit fetish. We caught the star spinning some laid-back soul tunes at Bushmills' "Since Way Back" event, and he graciously let us have 60 seconds with him — exactly the amount of time he had until his vinyl record ran out and he needed to go back to the decks (so impressive) — to talk to us about how Hebrew is confused for Elvish, and how light purple freaks him out.
Refinery29: What is your least favorite color?
Elijah Wood: "Mauve?"[But said like moh-ve, rhyming with brogue.]
R29: Is that how you say it?
Wood: "Or mauve? I have no idea. You say mauve. I say mohve. Let's call the whole thing off?"
R29: I love your jacket. Was this your originally planned outfit?
Wood: "I've been wearing this all day. I almost changed into a new Band Of Outsiders top, but I decided to stick with what I'm wearing."
R29: Are you going to see their show?
Wood: "No, I'm not going to be here. I'll be back in Los Angeles.".
R29: So, do you have a good luck charm?
Wood: "I have a ring that I always wear. I don't know if I really consider it good luck, but it's one of those things that I can't imagine not having on."
R29: Do people ever make the One Ring joke?
Wood: Yeah. It's so funny, because it has script on it in Hebrew. So people assume, and will come up to me and say, 'Is that the ring?' as if I would wear the ring. I wouldn't, for the record."

Photographed by Leila Brillson