5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 20 2010

Elaine Benes is back! The Seinfeld character's look is apparently the new thing and was referenced all over the resort runways, according to the NYT. We still like their writeup on George Constanza better. (BuzzFeed)
The Daily News is possibly ruining the life of a 19 year-old it claims scouted the site for the Ground Zero mosque. We think even Sarah Palin would admit this is going too far. (Animal New York)

Jennifer Aniston says retard on
Live with Regis and Kelly
and everybody laughed. Unfortunately, you can't really say that on live TV. (Gawker)

The cast of
The Expendables
rang the bell of the New York Stock Exchange. One of them even went shirtless—let's hope stocks rose. (Huffington Post)

Move over Real Housewives of NYC , new show The Queens of Drag NYC is coming to gay.com in September. You just really need to watch the trailer. (this is fyf)