11 Natural Solutions To Your Beauty Problems

Trying to convince people to convert to natural beauty products isn't easy. Our arguments are usually met with drawn-out sighs and the occasional eye roll — not to mention a slew of pre-existing misconceptions. Some of the more popular thoughts are that natural products are too expensive or they don't actually solve your [insert beauty problem here]. We're here to tell you — that's all a load of crap.
Sure, 10 years ago, natural products seemed to fall short on their promises (and did you notice they all smelled like patchouli?). But brands have done their homework since then. They’ve taken the time to pinpoint the ingredients that work and the ones that don't. Now, there are entire skin-care lines featuring raw ingredients that smell delightful — and effectively solve major beauty concerns, too. In fact, sulfate-free hair-care lines — like Carol’s Daughter — can often clean hair better than some of its not-so-green competitors. Don’t believe us? Click through to see some of our favorite natural beauty products. We’re willing to bet we can turn that skepticism into pure green enthusiasm.

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