The 5 Acts You Can't Miss At Electric Daisy Carnival

There's a very real threat of falling ill to the Benny Benassi, Zedd, and Kaskade acts at any electronic-dance-music festival. They are the definition EDM and are surefire good times. But, they also tend to tread the fine line of monotony. Sure, Kaskade's sets feature more ethereal vocals, while Benny Benassi's are hyper-sexualized, but, for the most part, both will take you on the same journey.
The beauty of Electric Daisy Carnival is the sheer variety of electronic genres featured on the lineup. Unfortunately, the playing field is predominantly male-centric, but, if we give it a year or so, females like Empress Of will likely join the ranks of the following can't-miss acts. These are the performers who challenge what EDM means. They break the formula and refresh a genre that's too often associated with pounding headaches. Save the fist-pumping for the amateurs. These are sets all the cool kids will be getting down to.
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Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo has been putting out solid tracks since 2002. These are the fellas you'll want to see when you need a break from the Aviciis and Tiëstos of EDC. Chromeo's strength is in songwriting. Come for the steady funky beats, stay for the stellar vocals.

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DJ Snake

If you've been trapped underneath a rock for the past few months, allow us to put a name to the catchphrase that's become unanimous among partiers and non-partiers alike: DJ Snake. He, of "Turn down for what?" fame is French producer William Grigahcine. His sets are massively bass-heavy, trap/electro/moombahton debauchery. If you're not turnt up for this set, you're doing it wrong.

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Seven Lions

Jeff Montalvo — a.k.a. Seven Lions — hails from California. His music isn't dubstep, but it doesn't follow the formula many have come to expect from EDM, either. There's a certain level of passion to his work — his tracks with Ellie Goulding ("Don't Leave") and Kerli ("Worlds Apart") mix trance elements with soaring vocals that hit ya right in the feels. It's combination of sounds that EDM fans have been thirsty for.

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Plastic Plates

Nu-disco comes alive in Plastic Plates' sets. He's not your typical EDC performer, but his indie-dance vibe is like a tall glass of water during a scorcher. His beats are the ones you jive to and take a break from all that fist-pumping, head-banging, and jumping around.

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Do NOT pass up the opportunity to see Diplo live. This set is mandatory. There's a reason Diplo became a brand. His sets are definition wild'n'out. There's real twerking. There's heavy bass. There are flags from every country. It's a unifying experience that comes in the form of a full-on sensory and aural assault.


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