These Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats Live Up To Their Hype

Most of the hardcore yogis I know are all about living a green life. They avoid single use plastic. They tell me about their composting habits. They've tried going vegan or vegetarian to reduce their carbon footprint. So it's no big surprise to me that eco-friendly yoga mats are becoming a bigger trend by the day.
Some brands are making eco-friendly yoga mats that don't contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a toxic plastic that many environmentalists believe is a boil on the butt of the Earth. Others are creating cork mats, or biodegradable mats, or mats made of recycled materials.
Of course, there's also a lot of grandstanding out there, and a lack of regulation about who's allowed to call their yoga mat eco-friendly. That's why we decided to do some of your homework for you, and rounded up the mats that really stand up to the claims they're making. These also tend to be a little pricier than your standard toxic mat, so we also looked for some options that won't break the bank.
Swipe through to find a mat that you can feel great about doing your vinyasa on.

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