You’re Not Paying Enough Attention To The Way Your Clothes Feel

Designed by Seeta Kanhai.
When it comes to buying things, looks are everything — usually. But with our ongoing collaboration with eBay, we're proposing a different shopping method that goes a bit deeper than surface-level first impressions.
Titled "Texture Report," our shop focuses on the way objects feel, with highly touchable fashion and home items. Even better, you'll be able to browse handpicked pieces and learn tips and tricks for finding them on eBay from Christene Barberich, R29 global editor-in-chief. "Texture doesn’t just add dimension to objects or clothing," Barberich says. "You can actually experience it when you feel it or see it reflecting light. Whether it's a dense tweed, smooth quartz, or a glossy patent leather, texture is an essential part of how I dress and decorate, and it makes all the difference in bringing a look to life." Try it now with some top picks from our R29 x eBay storefront.