8 Last-Minute Ways To Win Any Super Bowl Party

Maybe you're a Philadelphia Eagles' fan. Or maybe, like one of my New England Patriots-obsessed coworkers, you can't stop talking about Tom Brady (a.k.a. the GOAT). Either way, that's great, but I think we can all agree that the Super Bowl is about so much more than football. There are the emotionally manipulative commercials that we dissect to death the next day; the halftime show that some annoying person in the room always talks through; and of course, the glorious spread of game day snacks that make the random party you're at worth getting all gussied up for on a Sunday.
Even if you have zero interest in what's happening on-screen, we bet we can get you excited about indulging in a tater tot or two, right? That's why we tapped Pinterest to find out what football-friendly fare is trending ahead of this year's game.
Be prepared: There's tons of cheese, sugar, and fried goodness ahead.
And you thought that rainbow bagels were impressive.
Proof that slow-cooker recipes really are magic.
Football shaped or not, any treat involving cookie dough is a touchdown in our book.
Bacon and cheese take these tots to the next level.
These adorable sandwiches are the perfect blend of sweet and salty.
Even if you're feeling lazy, bringing a plate of these easy treats will make you look like a DIY queen.
String cheese + crescent rolls + mini pepperoni = snack heaven.
What's better than buffalo chicken wings (or dip)? Buffalo chicken meatballs, baby.

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