East Villagers Love Bergdorfs, Anna Wintour Hates TV, And Manhattan Gets Its Very Own Jersey Shore.

Starbucks is NOT coming to Williamsburg. Hipsters everywhere breathed a fake collective sigh of relief. (Your Nabe)
New study says that East Villagers spend more money at Bergdorfs then on food, kind of. That's why they're so skinny. (Vanishing New York )
Shocker: A.L.T. claims that Anna doesn't watch TV. Well, except for Roger Federer. (New York Observer)
Homemade Brooklyn, a pop-up shop, opens for the weekend and features homemade products from local Brooklynites like granola and tote bags. We're betting there's some hemp in there too. (Paper Mag)
New CW TV show High Society is Manhattan's answer to Jersey Shore. Just a whole lot trashier (we know, we didn't think it was possible). (Gawker)
The MoMA gets its very own font. Scandinavian Architects who listen to ambient music just got really excited. (Animal New York)

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