10 Must-Visits For Fashion People In Dubai

Dubai may thrive on unapologetically modern design and over-the-top luxury (everyone needs a caviar facial, right?), but if you look beyond the flash, you'll see there's something else quietly going on. It's coming into its own as an international city of high-end taste and refinement, a destination for well-traveled aesthetes looking for something new. And, now, the fashion people are coming.
With designer-branded hotels from Roberto Cavalli and Armani (Versace's is in the works), its own Fashion Week, and Prime Dubai — a recurring fashion exhibition dedicated to up-and-comers — the city is attracting both emerging and established designers. This new focus on serious style means there's only one place for Dubai to go on our must-visit list: up. Way up.
So, to prepare for our inevitable travels, we partnered with Emirates Airline to round up 10 to-dos for lovers of fashion and good old-fashioned pampering (when in Dubai...). Flip through to see where we're going when we take on this desert metropolis before everyone else does. What? There's nothing wrong with a little competitive traveling.