Move Over Justin Bieber: Refinery29 + D.S. Durga Have A Scent You Can't Resist

dsanddurga-2Shop It Now Like many celebrities, our first foray into product development obviously included perfume. Still, we aren't going to go all "Someday" on it: We wanted a bespoke scent with the very best ingredients and coolest design, made by locally sourced talent. Lucky for us, we aren't too far from New York's most sought-after perfumers, cult-favorite husband-and-wife duo D.S. and Durga.
The decision to partner with the creators of these hand-packaged (the bottles are designed by wife Kavi Ahuja) and complex scents (created by husband D.S.) was a no-brainer! And for the holidays, our luxe, small-batch scent, Hollywood Regency (check it out at our Holiday Edition hub), makes a perfect gift for anyone whose style is ready for the silver screen. Read on for the inside dish on everything olfactory, directly from the scent pros behind this exciting collab.
When you set out to make a perfume, what's the process like?
“An idea comes first — usually spinning off from an interconnected series of impressions I get from books, records, places, etc. Then I begin to experiment with aromatic materials to capture the vibe I'm going for.”
What story are you telling with 'Hollywood Regency'?
“We wanted to reference the glamour of early Hollywood – those heady days when the Brits invaded the silver screen. The so-called 'Hollywood Raj' lived like aristocrats, and played at living in a different place and time. I like that they created their own world in the totally alien town that was Hollywood back then. We used opulent and exotic flowers, along with notes of leather, to conjure their magnificent clothing, furniture, and homes.”
What is a scent that takes you back in time? Can you remember your first favorite fragrance?
“The original Polo for Men, the one in the green bottle. One whiff and I’m transported back to my childhood house, stealing a couple of drops from my father's medicine cabinet.”
Does your personal fragrance change in the winter?
“With global warming, who can tell what the weather will be like on any given day? I’m usually covered in experimental scents, unless I am going out at night. Then, I'll wear whatever I think complements the mood of what I'm wearing, rather than the weather.”
What kind of girl will sport the Hollywood Regency scent? Where would we find her?
“She's probably a fashionable young lady who has an interest in the 1920s, or '30s, or '40s, but who modernizes her wardrobe to make it appropriate for today. Not everyone can pull off the old stuff. But Hollywood Regency isn't a challenging scent. It's very wearable."
We had fun collaborating with you guys! However, you two collaborate together, all the time. What is it like being married to your business partner?
“It's great to create a multi-layered life together! We are good at separating work from the rest of our life, and we have different, specific roles within the company, which is important.”

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