Drugs Couture, WTF?

Sometimes it takes the insight and ingenuity of a marketing consultant to find the fault in a product or campaign. Other times, a blind terrier could do it. This one's for the dog.
Said the creators of the "New Indie streetwear label," DRUGS COUTURE in their latest press release, "Growing tired of the over abundance of fake sneakers on the streets and in the clubs of every major city, and even more tired of the cornball lames rocking fakes sneakers thinking everything is sweet...the people behind this upstart street wear label have decided to take a stand." Apparently, this has been a serious problem for some time. Bless DRUGS COUTURE for having the moral character to come up with a proper response--a T-shirt reading, "Guys With Fake Kicks Have Small Dicks." Someone had to say it.
But that is not all. These firebrands have also tapped into the root of Post-Feminist sexual unrest with a whole new theory of gender identity . "Not only is woman a drug sexually, but man (and even women for that matter) as far back as history tells us have been addicted and fiends for her. Her scent, Her looks, Her touch, almost anything and everything surrounding woman and the feminine principle; the entire world in one way or another are addicts of the drug known as WOMAN." Damn straight. To back up their point, they've released a line of T-shirts that playfully juxtapose images of Rosa Parks and Princess Diana with the word "Heroin." Finally, our world makes sense.

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