Where Would You Go If Your Next Trip Was Your Last?

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We’ve always found February to be the perfect month for a getaway. The holidays are a ways behind us, but it will be a while before spring, let alone summer. If you’re feeling inspired to travel, too, but you haven't yet figured out where you want to go, we’ve got just the thing for you.

We asked 10 travel bloggers whose advice we trust about where they would go if they knew their next trip would be their last. For some, it was a place they'd visited before, and for others, it was a place they'd dreamt about since grade school. There were, of course, some who found inspiration from Eat, Pray, Love, and some who chose the same locales as others (because some places are just THAT objectively spectacular).

One thing is for sure — we'll be adding all these places to our travel bucket lists.
Editor’s note: The following interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.
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South Africa

"South Africa has been on my dream list for as long as I can remember, but hasn’t been checked off yet. I remember picking up my grandparents from the airport after they went and immediately adding it to my list. I tend to fall for cities on the water (I’ve lived in both Charleston and Sydney), so Cape Town seems like somewhere I’d be obsessed with. There’s also so much happening there culturally. And you’re not far from some of the best nature in the world." —Caroline Eubanks, Caroline in the City
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The Philippines

"If I only had one trip to take the rest of my life, I would choose to visit the Philippines. I have yet to visit the country, but being half-Filipino, I have always wanted to experience the culture firsthand. Not to mention, I have plenty of relatives who live there that I have yet to meet. Aside from the absolutely stunning beaches spread throughout the country — an estimated 7,000 islands in total — I look forward to one day exploring cities such as Cebu and Manila on jeepneys, walking through historic towns such as Vigan, and touring through Banaue’s famed rice terraces.

"Also on the to-do list is learning how to dive in the crystal clear waters of Bohol or El Nido, and hopefully catching one of the Philippines’ incredibly lively festivals. Oh, and I certainly plan on eating as much lumpia, adobo, ube treats, and cassava cake as I can while walking through various neighborhoods." —Chelsea Davis, Chey Chey From The Bay
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Bali, Indonesia

"One of the best things about becoming a travel blogger is that you start to surround yourself with people who encourage you not just to travel, but to reach your bucket-list goals. Last year, I finally took the jump and booked a flight to the No. 1 destination on my list: Bali! It might be cliché, but I honestly fell in love with the idea of Bali after I read Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert painted the picture of a place that was beautiful in both its scenery and its people, and that is exactly what I found. I'd never been to Asia before and knew it needed to be my first spot. From the beaches to the rice paddies to the volcanoes, I fell in love with the island. And above all, it was the people, the most welcoming I've met, that blew me away. I wouldn't say it's my favorite place that I've ever visited, but I still can't wait to get back." Megan MacNee, Traveling Nine to Fiver

"The last trip I ever plan on taking in my life will be one solely for relaxation, meditation, and finding ultimate peace. For me, the idea of Bali has all of this by the bucketload. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful Indonesian island, but it has been on my travel wish list ever since reading Eat, Pray, Love as a student.

"If I imagine Bali right now, I can picture the sparkling, turquoise waters and bright, exotic flowers. I can see myself sleeping in a luxury villa that has windows the whole way around (or no windows at all), to allow me to be as close to nature as I can at night. I would spend the days roaming sandy beaches, learning meditation, and healing both my mind and body. I would finish those days watching the sun paint oranges, reds, and pinks across the sky as it sets, before gazing at the millions of stars with my other half. Bali is quite simply the place I imagine to be pure bliss." Justine Cross, Wanderer of the World
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"My jet-setting parents definitely passed the travel bug gene onto me, so it's really hard to choose! Every year my family would go on an international vacation somewhere outside the U.S., which was usually island-themed, but we also visited Europe quite a few times… We never made it to Greece or the Greek Islands, though. The landscapes and architecture there have always fascinated me; proximity to the beach doesn't hurt either. Add in fantastic food and good wine, and I’m all in." —Erin Lindsey, Escape Brooklyn
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"If my next trip was my last, I would probably go to Brazil. When I was a kid, I did a report on Brazil for school, and although I can’t remember anything it said, I do remember thinking to myself that one day I would visit Rio de Janeiro. It’s my first memory of experiencing wanderlust, something that later kind of took over my life, and I sadly still haven’t been there. In recent years, I’ve also been strangely fascinated with Brazilian Portuguese, and would love to learn a bit of the language." Auður Ösp, I Heart Reykjavík
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"My dream travel destination is hands-down India. I remember when I was in fifth grade, my second year living in Mexico, it was the first time I started learning world history and culture. It had been an interesting year living abroad for the first time in my life, especially as a Colombian-American. My perspective on life and the world had changed for the better. India was the first country we read about, and I was swept out of my reality in Saltillo, Coahuila, and immediately entered a dream world in my head. Everything I read about India further increased my curiosity of experiencing yet another culture.

"Since I had already experienced so many cultures at such a young age, it was easy to imagine the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels. Most specifically, I remember reading about how intense monsoon seasons are there, and I was thirsty to witness this myself at 10 years old. Now, 18 years later, and I am in love with Indian music, fashion, food, culture, and spirituality — therefore I plan to one day spend at least a month traveling all around the country before I die." —Alexandra Tracy, Travel Latina
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"I was born in the countryside of Taiwan, but grew up in California. Oddly, as I'm traveling around and hopping countries, my heart always goes home. Taiwan is a secret gem that travelers often overlook, but it will always be my first and last travel go-to destination.

"Picture this: savory, marinated dishes and steamy noodles paired with the perfect tapioca and fresh fruit desserts. Lush hills overlooking endless fields, clean, secluded beaches, and the friendliest locals with deep, tribal history. There's a feel of serenity to this tiny island tucked away in Asia. I've been back countless times, and there is always something I've yet to discover here." TJ Lee, Cup of TJ
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Photo: Courtesy of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

"I’ve never been to Vancouver Island, but experiencing its quiet, misty rainforests, untouched interior, and rugged coastlines has been at the top of my bucket list for years. And while I’d normally be happy to rough it, if it were to be my last trip, I’d want to go out in style! That’s where Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, a luxury glamping outpost, comes in. During the day, I’d fish for king salmon, go whitewater kayaking, and hike nearby mountains. At night, I’d shack up at Clayoquot’s ultra-secluded Cloud Camp, a private tented camp, accessible only via helicopter and serviced by a private chef and guide." Trevor Morrow, Trevor Morrow Travel
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"For travelers like ourselves, this is a crazy hard question to answer. We can barely decide on where we to go tomorrow. There are just too many places to choose from! Yeah, yeah, I know, privileged traveler problems. But seriously, there are just too many countries to narrow it down to just one. But what we can do is narrow it down to one continent: Africa! Though we have never set foot on this beautiful continent, our hearts ache to explore the majestic, yet mysterious place we call the motherland! There is so much about Africa that makes us yearn to see its beauty. I mean, come on, have you not seen The Lion King?

"Africa is where the real adventure lies. From crossing deserts on camels, exploring wetlands by boat, taking in the magnificent Victoria Falls, forgetting time while stargazing, meeting local tribes, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, to discovering endemic African animals, I know that seeing Africa would transform us forever! Oh man, as I write this, I can feel my desire to visit Africa growing even more! I think it’s time to stop prolonging this journey of a lifetime and get to it already — 2017 just might just be the year!" —Ben and Jazzy Williams, Road Affair
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