Donna Karan Loves, Loves, Loves Belt Bags (Not Fanny Packs)

There are very few people we would have mustered up the energy to see on Thursday night, as fashion week wound down—Donna Karan and Lykki Li are two of them. So, we were thrilled to get a ticket to the Amex-cardholder exclusive show, alongside our favorite stylish songstress. The Swedish singer looked killer in a DKNY menswear-inspired suit, as did stylist Mary Alice Stephenson, who was on hand to co-host the event with the designer. We grabbed a few moments with Ms. Karan herself and even got permission to rock the fanny pack.
If you could have anyone sit in the front row of your show, dead or alive, who would it be?
"I love my friends there. I love my husband there, and he's no longer here. It's a personal moment. When I come out, no matter how many years I've done a show, I need that personalized attachment." 
What's the craziest thing that's in your bag?
"Well, I wear a belt bag every single day. I love love love belt bags. I know it's never been a major fad, but for me it's a very important accessory."
So, the fanny packs never went out of style?
"Well its not a fanny pack, I call it a belt bag.  Particularly, for women, it's great  because it covers up a lot of things women want to cover up."
What is your one fall must have piece?
"I always love a cool leather jacket. And jewelry! Always an artisan jewelry piece because it defines [you], like this is a piece of jewelry I made in Haiti. There's a spirit behind it… it becomes yours, it becomes who you are."
You've had a year to decide, so, Bryant Park or Lincoln Center?
"Lincoln Center is right next to my apartment, so that makes it much easier for me. I think it levels fashion to a whole other dimension because you have all the arts here." 
Last thing that you Googled?
"Wanted to see what was going on on my website. Oh, and what movies I can go see tonight because I'm really tired and I want to go to the movies."
Is that how you're going to wind down after Fashion Week?
"No, because I have to speed up for next week." 
So, when do you wind down?
"I dont think I do for a few months. I wish i could say there is a wind down time, but that's why I go to the movies and eat popcorn."

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