Get Some Leathered Pleasure With Donatienne's Bright Bags

We usually shy away from bright bags because they oftentimes have the tendency to look, well, cheap. Meet Donatienne, the fancy (and vibrant) answer to your black-bag-bore-uniform! With the plushest leather in the punchiest colors, and opulent hardware, these sacks pack a luxe-ly colored punch. Designer Nikki Erwin is a born-and-bred Cali beach chick who believes in sunny coastal flair, channeling the saturations of blues and greens from the ocean, yellows from sun-bleached hair, and pinks and purples from childhood beach towels. These West Coast Best Coast bags are a totally new take on the "beach" bag!
Available at Madison, 8115 Melrose Avenue (near Crescent Heights Boulevard); 323-651-3662.
Photo: Courtesy of Margo Siegel PR.

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