Behold The Trumpkin, The Greatest Halloween Pumpkin Of All Time

What are the two most entertaining things happening this fall? That's right, Halloween and the endlessly revolving carnival ride we call politics. Too bad, you say, they have nothing in common. One's a holiday about candy and ghosts, and the other is the process by which we elect the leader of the free world. Right? Wrong. Behold: The Trumpkin, the greatest politically-themed joke to come to the internet since #TrumpYourCat.
Basically, you take a pumpkin, some black paint, a little nest of golden hair, and an American flag. Following the crazy-easy steps shown here, you put it all together, and there you have it. A Donald J. Trumpkin, Humpty Dumpty's orange, bombastic, maybe-going-to-be-the-president friend. The invention is the brain child of pumpkin queen and designer Alexa Westerfield, a.k.a. SwellDesigner. Westerfield posted her creation on Darby Smart, a site for all things DIY. "I guess I would say I'm one-of-a-kind," Westerfield wrote in her bio. Not as one-of-a-kind as that pumpkin, but pretty great.

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