There Was A Prom In NYC Last Night, And Lorenzo Martone And Becka Diamond Were Crowned King And Queen

Above, prom king Lorenzo Martone with fan club!
Last night Tumblr and Styleite hosted a prom at Le Bain that was far more sophisticated and (social media) star-studded than the prom lodged in our minds, and all for a good cause. While this prom had the dancing, drinking (you know you drank before, during and/or after prom), dressing-up, and debauchery of the high school variety, rather than being a straight-forward popularity contest (take that mean girls!), King and Queen nominees could only win their glorious titles by being the one to raise the most money for the LES Girls Club. The winners? Girl-of-all-trades Becka Diamond and bad-ass bachelor Lorenzo Martone. Other highlights of the night included indie band Neon Trees and, of course, hobnobbing with execs from Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Alexander Wang. Sigh, if only all proms could be this chic...

small>Above, Neon Trees.
Photos courtesy of bkbooth.

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