Where To Eat In L.A. Now, According To Our Latest Chef Crush

Foodie fads may come and go, but there's always one restaurant that's on the top of everyone's must-eat list:
. This star-studded eatery not only serves the tastiest updated-Italian food this side of Little Italy, but also the beautiful patio is the perfect spot for an al fresco first date or pre-dancing supper before a girls' night out. The mastermind behind this red-hot resto, Brandon Boudet, is the ultimate L.A. tastemaker, so we thought we'd ask this superstar foodie to tell us all about his favorite summer drinks, under-the-radar eats, and his brand-new carnivorous meatball extravaganza, the Dominick's-hosted Tweetball fest!

Dominick's, 8715 Beverly Boulevard (at San Vicente); 310-652-2335.
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R29: What is your favorite thing about L.A. in the summer?
BB: "As it gets hot outside, I love drinking Lillet and soda with muddled ripe peaches by the pool on a hot Sunday afternoon. When I'm not in the kitchen, Sunday is my day to relax."

R29: What's your favorite under-the-radar spot or hidden gem to dine at?
BB: "I love Elf, a small vegetarian café in my neighborhood in Silver Lake. You can bring your own wine, so I enjoy grabbing a bottle of Gruner Vetliner from Silverlake Wine, then heading over to Elf for some vegetarian food."

Elf, 2135 West Sunset Boulevard (at Mohawk Street); 213-484-6829.

R29: Tell us about Tweetballs? Why meatballs for the summer?
BB: "I figured the best time to start Tweetballs was during the summer, simply because many of the recipes that I came up with were on the lighter side. We’re not whipping up the traditional 'heavy red-sauce' meatball. When we get into those really hot months, I look for recipes such as tuna meatballs with fresh heirloom tomato and basil sauce, grilled chicken meatballs with mint, garlic, and lemon, or calamari meatballs with oregano, white wine, and butter. Also, with everyone on Twitter nowadays, why not have some fun with it and get the word out in a cool way?"