5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 06 2011

Holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier — visit DKNY's mobile cyber shopping suite this weekend in NYC! (Bloomingdales/DKNY)
Madonna screened her directorial debut W.E. last night at the MoMa. Check out the photos of this star-studded affair! (
Yes, the SYFY channel did a made-for-TV movie called Jersey Shore Shark Attack, and yes, it's exactly what you think it is — guidos getting attacked by mutant sharks. (Gawker)
Who else remembers watching this film over and over, knowing the words to all the songs, and wishing to be a girl scout? We do, and we're eagerly awaiting "Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience" that's coming to the Big Apple this Thursday. (Gothamist)
Cutie couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (Justena?) just announced they're ringing in the new year in NYC. As if Times Square wasn't crowded enough, we've got a case of Beiber fever coming on. (Fashion Indie)

Photo: Via Bloomingdales/DKNY