We Just Saved You $14 With This DIY Ramen Recipe

06_SamuraiMama_retouch_BenRitterPhotographed by Ben Ritter.
Instant noodles seem to have followed us at every life stage. As kids, the noodles were the perfect after-school snack. In college, they sustained us when our wallets were light. And, even now as sometimes workaholics, we still count on them as an easy midnight snack. But, as much nostalgia and convenience it brings, instant ramen is not exactly known for its nutritional value — and it's never quite as satisfying as its freshly created Japanese counterpart. So, to give the dish a healthier update, Serious Eats has come up with a genius hack that transforms these ready-made packets from basic fare to gourmet grub.
The trick is to layer strained, half-cooked noodles with fresh veggies and a soup base made from real meat. Housed in a short glass pot and garnished with natural spices, the mishmash tastes almost as yummy as the real deal, for just a fraction of the cost and prep time. The best part? These DIY cup of noodles have a shelf life of four days to a week — all you'll need to do is add boiling water. You can even switch things up by customizing with ingredients like green curry shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, or kimchi. Head over to Serious Eats for the full recipe — BYOL just got on a whole new level. (Serious Eats)

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