Upgrade Breakfast-In-Bed With This Fun DIY Tray

Two of our favorite things in the world? In no particular order: delicious breakfast foods and our bed. But put the two together — now that's the royal treatment. So, in order to take our breakfast-in-bed experience from basic to bougie, we're teaming up with The Original Donut Shop® Coffee to make a quick, fun, DIY tray that's as pretty as it is functional. Now all we need is a personal chef.
1/2-inch-thick plain plywood board
Spackling paste
2–3 complementary shades of paint
Paint roller
Painter's tape
Wooden handles with screws
Power drill
1. Spackle the edge of the plywood board to create a smooth surface. Sand once dry.
2. Paint the board with desired base color, and let it dry completely.
3. Using a ruler and painter's tape, plot out a design onto the board.
4. Paint interior of the design, then peel back tape and let dry. Repeat if desired.
5. Measure handles, then make two corresponding pencil markings the length of each handle on the left and right side of the board. Use a ruler to make sure handles are lined up correctly on both sides.
6. Using a power drill, drill holes at each pencil marking.
7. Attach handles to the board using a screwdriver.

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