Ditu’s New Corset Gets Knitty With It!

When launching your first fashion line, it helps to have some high-profile experience under your belt. Layla Abramowitz, FIT graduate and designer behind the new luxury knitwear line Ditu, has honed her chops at Zac Posen and Ports 1961. And, no shock, her technical training lends itself to the intricate knitwear and lingerie forms that compose her new collection. The word "ditu" is both Abramowitz's middle name and the Chinese word for "map." Abramowitz says this word is especially true to her line, too. "I wanted to create a global brand," she says. "And I am a bit of a nomad myself. I find that new, raw experiences act as a catalyst for creative design."
The debut collection was inspired by the stone carvings of the Holy City of Angkor in Cambodia and features handmade tops, sweaters, and dresses all made of muted and textured knits. One standout piece, though, struck our fancy—an unexpected knit corset top that mixes the hard lines of that classic structured garment with the softness of hand-crochet work. From her days at FIT, Abramowitz has developed the technique of knitting fishing line with fabric, which allows for support without rigidity in her garments. With underwear continuing to show up as outerwear on and off the runways, this is a bosom buddy we can all wear while breathing little easier.
For more information, go to www.dituonline.com.