Watch: This Video Imagines If Two Iconic Animated Princes Fell In Love

Photo: Via TheNamelessDoll.
Since we haven't been treated to a same-sex romance as the main story arc of a Disney cartoon (yet), a Swedish-Finnish film student — who goes by the monicker TheNamelessDoll — has taken care of that for us.

The artist — who explains on her YouTube page that she "created this channel so I could improve my editing, digital composting, effects and storytelling skills with the help of crossovers" — has created a clip titled "You Are My Spouse Now." (Oh, and if you're a Disney fan and TheNamelessDoll sounds familiar, it's because she also created those amazing renderings of plus-size Disney princesses.)

"You Are My Spouse Now" imagines if Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid and Prince Dimitri from Anastasia fell in love and shared a life together.

Expertly weaving clips from both films, the video follows Eric and Dimitri's decade-spanning romance from its happy beginnings (including having children from Disney films like Lilo & Stitch and Tarzan) to its heartbreaking end (hey, it wouldn't be part Disney-themed if it didn't set out to make us cry).

Yes, the song is in a different language (fear not, there are subtitles), but it still speaks a universal truth: If you've ever loved deeply and felt deep loss, your heart will never be the same.

Your move to make this a full-length feature, Hollywood.
Check out the impressive, tear-jerking clip, below.


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