We’re So Not Shocked: Dina Lohan Is Writing A Lindsay Tell-All

Well this is not shocking, but it is still very, very sad. Lindsay Lohan, who hasn't exactly had the most stable couple of months (or years), can't quite seem to catch a break. Sure, a lot of the Linds drama is of her own-making, but you've just got to look to the parents to see where it all began. After the travails of her very deadbeat dad, it seems Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, is jumping on the throwing-her-daughter-under-the-bus money train—word is that she's shopping around a personal memoir (how original!). TMZ claims the've discovered a draft of the book, which contains Dina's POV on Lindsay's over-excessive party life, legal woes, and her reputation as a stage-mom: "Drinking, drugging, and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay's way of daily living—and it tore me up inside," is one choice quote attributed to Dina. We're not so sure that a highly public tell-all will heal those wounds, but hey, mommy knows best.

Photo: Via TMZ