5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 27 2012

When not dancing the night away at 141 Chrystie or lashing back against sweatshop allegations, Alexander Wang is busy hanging out with the band. What's more rock n' roll (or in this case, rap-rave) than Die Antwoord fronting A. Wang's T campaign? (Elle)
Is it a biography or a roaching session in book form? Whatever it may be, Pharrell's new book titled Pharrell: Places and Spaces I've Been is a retrospective of his career (does anyone else think it's a little early for the 39-year-old?). In it, several of his namedropping famous friends from Jay-Z to Kanye has contributed. Next on the list? Anna Wintour. (Fashionista)
"Life is just better with bacon!" said the bacon lovers, also the slogan for the Baconery. Now you can get all of your heart-stopping, bacon-filled pastries at the Baconery's new shop, not just at the fair (or from Paula Dean's cookbook). Formerly just an online bakery, the Baconery is opening their very first shop inside Books of Wonder on 18th Street so you can gorge on great reads and great snacks. (Eater NY)
Just when you thought "Shit ___ Say" videos were over, we found "Shit Girls Say About 'Girls.'" We've already said, like, 70% of these. Click through to find out if you're guilty, too! (Flavorwire)
Mini versions of anything, especially clothes, are sometimes cuter than the full-sized thing. But are designer kids clothes worth the money? If you're trying to make your kids mini versions of you (aside from the ketchup stains and whining we hope), that might be why this industry is up 23% from last year! Read on and maybe grow out of the fad. (NY Mag)

Photo: Courtesy of Elle