How To Undo The Damage Of Sitting At Your Desk All Day

Your office job isn't doing your body any favors, and we're not just talking about the dangers of sitting for hours on end. The uncomfortable chair, combined with hunching over your computer, creates serious tension hot spots.
Plus, all that sitting weakens your core and hips, explains Jill Miller, creator of the Yoga Tune Up method and author of the just-released book, The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better In Your Body.
The easy remedy for desk dwellers? Stretch often, and try simple self-massage techniques. This helps combat tightness, correct your posture, improve mobility, and ward off chronic pain. Miller put together a few of her favorite moves — some of which are inconspicuous enough to do right at your desk. Some, however, you might want to save for when you get home. (We tried them all at our office and got zero side-eye from our colleagues; in fact, they wanted to join in.)
So, if your company isn't investing in standing desks just yet, here are nine fixes for your most common "office body" aches.

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