12 Lifesavers Every Gal Should Have At Her Desk

First the text comes through — “plans tonight?” — then the wheels in your head start turning. As much as you love a last-minute adventure at the end of a workday, you aren't dressed for the occasion. And chances are your office file cabinet isn't being appropriated as a dresser. But just a pinch of planning can work wonders for moments like these...especially if you know exactly what to put in your emergency kit.
Easy and adaptable, the 12 transformative items ahead deliver tenfold when it comes to last-minute, after-work plans. Not only will they make a corporate look a bit less formal or your basic jeans and tee party-ready, they're also there for you from 9-to-5. You know, when the board members come in unexpectedly or you find your casual-Friday look is too casual for the client lunch you forgot about.

Consider the list — inspired by Infiniti's ability to change lanes (fast) — to be like a first-aid kit or the extra $20 bill you keep in your glove compartment. In short, it's the best precaution anyone with an active and impromptu social life can take.

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