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A Designer Wages War On Anna Wintour With A F*ck You T-Shirt

Have you heard of Leon Verres? Neither have we. This self-proclaimed "outstanding designer of our time" has launched a campaign against Anna Wintour in a bid to stop that "cowardice, submissiveness, and dependency" that he claims designers exhibit towards the editrix. His weapon of choice? A T-shirt that reads "Fuck Anna, Fuck Vogue, Fuck You," and a strangely written press release that was emailed to us today. Just to give you an idea, one line from the missive said: "Leon Verres [is] the probably most charismatic and strongest designer of all." Allegedly, 3 million "Verressians" have joined his crusade, but really we're not too concerned about full-scale fashion revolt under this "fashion communist" crusader—the dudes seems crazier than Lindsay Lohan's Twitter feed.