6 Perfect Denim Outfits, From NYC To L.A.

Photographed by Emman Montalvan.
Go to any new city and you'll likely have a few fish-out-of-water experiences — from getting lost navigating the transit system to botching the local lingo — all the while trying not to stick out like a sore thumb (read: wearing flatforms outside of New York). Yet, while trends can ebb and flow (or never catch on at all) from city to city, no matter where you go, you can rest assured that denim is in. It's true: Blue jeans are the universal style language. After all, what other garment has been so widely worn across decades and destinations? But, just because we all "speak denim," that doesn't mean every city — or individual — expresses it quite the same way.
Curious to see how cool girls wear their blues across the country, we teamed up with Levi's® to scope out the jean scene in three different cities — Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco — and took notes on six women's regional, professional, and personal style influences. While we weren't surprised to learn that Angelenos have a penchant for cutoffs, we were totally floored by the denim gurus we encountered, including a woodworker who DIYs her own overalls and a fashion exec who owns a whopping 30 pairs of vintage 501s® (yes, really). Ahead, we dig into their denim obsession — epic style tricks and quirks included — and cross our fingers that one day we'll be able to "speak overalls" like they do. 

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