The Skater Boy Who Hearts Crisp Selvage

Occupation: "Sometimes working at Blades Skate shop in NYC!"

What were your first pair of jeans?
"JNCO jeans! Remember them? I think I was like 12 years-old and hanging out with the punk skaters."

What are you wearing?
"I am wearing The Hundreds selvage jeans, flannel and vest by 10-Deep, Vans, Aalia surfboard handcrafted by Ingmar Beer. The skating part is the 10Deep pants and jacket with a white T-shirt and black simple beanie, Nixon player watch, and key necklace by me! Can't go wrong with 10Deep denim, they're always so comfortable, the quality is amazing, and they last forever. I like The Hundred because they're Japanese selvage and they are so crisp all the time. They look great with any pair of kicks."


How many pairs of jeans do you own?
"Like five or more."

Do you have a preferred philosophy when it comes to jeans: Sexy and skinny, or loose and comfy? 
"I like my pants straight/baggy and fresh looking."

Used or new?

What's your signature wash...or does it matter?
"Dark and crisp. Note: Never wash your jeans, no matter how hard you party."

What's your favorite way to wear your jeans and with what?
"Straight leg and with skate shoes."

If your jeans had a name or theme song, what would it be? Or do they?
"Youtube Egyptian's Lover, any of his songs would be my theme song."

Favorite example of celebrity-jean wearing (i.e., Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album cover).
"Bart Simpson although he wears shorts! Eat my shorts!"

What do you love most about your favorite denim pieces? 
"Like when I don't see anyone else wearing the same pair I got on. Also the way they fit from top to bottom."

Photographed by Kava Gorna. Casting by Megan Delaney.

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