This Is The Prettiest Show We’ve Seen All Week, Hands Down

Fashion Week does something scary to our sense of perspective. After seven full days of shows, words like "beautiful" and "wearable" and "tired" — not to mention "thin" — take on new meaning. We've subsisted on a diet of sugar and caffeine,while feasting on exquisite presentation after exquisite presentation that have each been six months in the making. You can imagine how that'd skew your view of the everyday. You'll likely feel the effects even if you're experiencing Fashion Week by clicking through runway images online: There is no famine of beauty here. We are all spoiled.
But, Delpozo managed to cut through our caffeine-jitter fog and really earn the term gorgeous. As each look swayed past, we had to restrain ourselves from leaping to our feet for a standing ovation. Full of the kinds of gowns that 5-year-old you imagined the grown-up you would wear every day, the parade of fairy-floss concoctions instilled a sense of wonder back into a jaded, exhausted, grouchy room. For the sartorial version of a splash of cold water to the face, take a spin through the collection, ahead.

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