Affordable, Vegan, Charitable…Did We Mention It’s Available At The Mall?

Clothing is made to clothe you — that's obvious — but it's also able to change your outlook, imbue you with power, and connect you with the people around the world who've had a hand in designing, producing, and wearing that garment. For Della, clothing is all that in a very obvious way, and the brand has recently teamed up with mass retailer Urban Outfitters to bring its wares into your backyard.
Based in Los Angeles, Della's apparel and accessories are handcrafted in Hohoe, Ghana, by local women who've received jobs, education, and skills training via the brand. The resulting products are a marriage between traditional West African Dutch Wax cloth materials and modern-day forms like bomber jackets, track shorts, and iPad cases. The materials itself are 100% vegan and sustainable, and — it gets better! — everything rings in under $69. Proceeds from the collaboration will go back to the local Ghanaian communities.
Where did these good vibes originate from? Says Della founder Tina Tangalakis, "Della is actually the name of the first person I met in Ghana. He was the driver for the volunteer organization I traveled with and he greeted me when I arrived at the Accra airport with a warm, happy smile. The welcoming, caring person that Della is acts as a reflection of what I want the business to be." The exclusive collection will be available on May 1 on

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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