Delevingne Face-Off! Who Does Fendi Better?

emPhoto: Courtesy of Fendi.
Yes, we're doing the thing where we show you two people and ask whose outfit you like better. And, yes, they happen to be gorgeous models who are sisters. But, no, we're not trying to start a family feud. It's only natural to incite a fashion feud, however, when we see a well-clad duo side by side. That's what happened when the sisters Delevingne attended Fendi's Bond Street store opening in London on Thursday.
Dissecting the outfits is easy. We could almost make a fashion Venn diagram. The looks overlap from the waist down with black, waxy (leather?) pants and booties. Up top, though, the ensembles diverge. Poppy's chambray button-down and extra-furry scarf (or is that a vest?) allow her to transition from day to night, while Cara's crop top, boxy, leather jacket, and Mini monster Baguette bag position her for a night on the town. It's difficult to pick which outfit we'd want to wear more — although, considering it's Friday, we're leaning toward the little sister's look. Weigh in with your favorite in the comments below.

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