He’s Baaack: David Blaine Promises New, Electrifying Feat

You can all exhale now. The long, excruciating wait for David Blaine's return is finally over thanks to Intel's Ultrabook Experience. Yes, the illusionist stuntman magician miracle worker is unveiling the next trick up his sleeve: a three-day, three-night stay in 100 million volts of electricity. We're not exactly positive on the specifics, but we can tell you one thing — it's gonna be amazing. Blaine promises to stay hooked up to the wattage at Pier 54 from October 5 to October 8, without a break, and — as he's wont to do — without sleeping or going to the bathroom, or probably even blinking.

Check out the trailer below, and get psyched to see this madman do his thang.

When: October 5 through October 8.
Where: Pier 54 (at West and 13th streets).

Video: Courtesy of Vice