Here’s James Franco’s Little Bro Taking Off His Boxers For…A PSA

It's clear that the Franco bros are cut from the same off-the-wall cloth, always providing freaky and cheeky treats for their fans. Well, younger sib, Dave, who you can catch now in 21 Jump Street, is stepping it up a (naked) notch with his latest sorta-kinda PSA for child safety.
In this odd, quasi-nod to famous flick Sex, Lies, And Videotape, he urges parents to keep an eye on their kiddos, but more importantly, to ban them from crushing on male celebs of a certain age (while the screen flashes with nude dudes, of course). The tension mounts (pardon the pun) until Dave finally exposes his man bits to, uh, prove the point. The vid is sure to give you a Monday chuckle, but will most likely induce the opposite effect of its purported message: irresistible lust for this NKOTB (we know, irony, so clever). Perhaps he'll hit Tiger Beat next?

Photo And Video: Via Stylecaster