Five Things To Know This AM

The Queen of Quirk, Daphne Guinness, is finally ready to do something with Isabella Blow's equally eccentric collection. We can already see the lines wrapping around the Met block! (Racked)
What do condoms, porn, and presidents all have in common? They're all things L.A. voters might be making decisions about, on the ballots, come November. (LA Weekly)
The next time you think about taking a day off of work to nurse a "cold," chew on this: E! anchor Giuliana Rancic is back on the job less than a month after a double mastectomy. (EW)
The Flaming Lips meet The Beatles in this brilliantly trippy cover of "I Am The Walrus." (Ology)
For those of you freaking out over NYE party details, this roundup of cute Etsy wares at least has the decorating part covered. (StyleCaster)
Photo: Via Racked.

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