Quite Possibly The Best Coconut Macaroons In The World

Probably not a good thing to read before lunch, but here goes. The Huffington Post shone the culinary spotlight on Dan Cohen, the man behind Danny Macaroons, an artisan macaroon maker in Spanish Harlem. He first starting making his amazeballs, uh, balls 10 years ago during a visit home from college for Passover. His mac odyssey, as it were, kept going strong—with little cooking experience, just lots of testing, Dan believes he has come up with the most amazing coconut macaroon you will ever taste (gluten free, too!). Quite a claim, but judging by the description, "they're crunchy on the outside, yet moist and almost 'fudgy' in the middle," he might have some backing to his boasts. Right now he hand-delivers his orders on the subway (!), but after watching the below video, we have a feeling he'll be employing bike messengers very shortly.

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