Danish Label YDE Brings Back Girly Glamour for Spring ’09

We're not really ones to go ultra girly, but every once in a while it's nice to get a little dose of some ultra-feminine clothing. You know, high waists, fitted blouses, pencil skirts, all in rich, silky fabrics that showcase all our lovely girly parts. Designer Ole Yde, the man behind Danish label YDE, has given us just the fem infusion we were looking for, with his spring '09 collection. Ole aims to mix elements of classic, more traditional womenswear, with today's more casual wardrobe, to create a modern look with plenty of historical references. A big believer in quality fabrics and detail work, Ole has infused the collection with luxurious pinks and neutrals, as well as lots of black sheen, creating a collection that's sweet and girly on the one hand, and moody and seductive on the other. We're into mixing the luxe appeal of pieces from YDE, with something more casual from our own wardrobes, to create that perfect glam casual vibe.
For more information go to www.yde-copenhagen.com