5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 05 2010

One Wall Street Journal employee starts widespread panic at the paper after telling staff he had bedbugs in his apartment building. This is starting to turn into 28 Days Later. (Gawker)
Ex-Rikers inmate Danielle Bremere, or "graffiti gal" turns model for CLAW Money. Aren't advertisements supposed to make us want to buy the clothes. (Gothamist)
Uh-oh, you guys ready for this? Kourtney and Kim have landed in our fair city to apparently start filming their new reality show, a spin-off of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We see many, many, many New York Post covers in their future. Headline suggestions please! (Daily Mail)
iPhones, one, Blackberries, zero. AT&T will be one of the first service carriers to work on the subways, meaning iPhone users are in luck. Think late 2011. Eh, we still love our BBMs. (Observer)
This could quite possibly the penultimate bachelor pad, and it's right next to our office! Potential buyers, some of us are on the market...(Curbed)