Dakota Johnson Is Taking Her Fake Pregnancy Very Well

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Earlier this week, rumors spread that Dakota Johnson of 50 Shades of Grey fame was 50 shades of pregnant after TMZ published a video of pink and blue balloons towering over her boyfriend Chris Martin's house. The couple, who are notoriously quiet about their relationship, did appear to go into a bit of damage control after Johnson's reps told People that the balloons weren't for a sex reveal, but rather, for the star's 29th birthday party.
Is it odd that an adult chose pink and blue balloons to decorate her event, especially when she probably knew that those are the two commonly used colors for baby-related reveals? Sure! Is it even stranger that we associate colors with gender, a widely acknowledged social construct invented to force people into boxes? Yes, but we're not here today to argue about dated social norms. Instead, we're here to discuss just how incredibly well Johnson is taking all of the buzz about her fake pregnancy.
The actress visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday and put the rumors to rest. "The only thing I'm pregnant with is a lot of really good ideas, but not any babies" she said with a smirk.
"It was my birthday, and there were balloons that happened to be pink and blue, and so then I was pregnant," she continued. "I didn't know that the balloons were going to be released. They were in an arch. But I guess that accidentally happened. One of the ends got let go."
She seemed in exceptionally high spirits about the matter, and even quipped that she received a lot of congratulatory messages and attention from people. In fact, her biggest concern wasn't even that the masses thought she was expecting; it was that she now had to admit she threw a party. "That's the other thing is that now I had to be like, 'It was just my birthday,' and all the people that I didn't invite to my birthday know I had a birthday party," she said.
Don't you just hate it when that happens?
Johnson and Martin have been dating for approximately a year and, as far as we know, don't have immediate plans for marriage or children.
Watch the clip, below:

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