5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 13 2010

In this profile of New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn, Donna Karan says it best: "She's not neutered, let's put it that way." (The Daily Beast)
We'll be dusting off our old Canon Rebel soon and heading over to the photophile's mecca that is Levi's Photo Workshop. (William Yan)
StyleLikeU.com gives us a peek into performance artist Terence Koh's closet...and inside there's a whole lotta nothing. (Pitch Engine)
Five diners at Jean-Georges were joined by unwelcome guest at their table: a cockroach. We know, we know, cockroaches in NYC are nothing new, but after the never-ending bedbug epidemic, we're beginning to feel like nowhere is safe! (The New York Times)
Daniel Radcliffe is coming to Broadway, and he's not looking for a Tony, he's looking for some ass. (Perez Hilton)