Been Crying? Here’s How To Hide It

Whether you cry twice a year or at the drop of a hat, we all do it. It's part of what makes us human. If you’re a rare crier, good for you — you’re a #blessed individual. But, if you’re an emotional sap (like me) who gets misty-eyed at everything from Hallmark cards to wedding videos of people you don’t even know, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
While crying can be extremely cathartic, let’s be honest, the aftermath is never pretty. Swollen eyes and tear-stained cheeks don’t suit anyone — we’ve all seen that infamous Kim Kardashian face.
So, while we may not be able to fix the reasons behind your tears, we can help you clean up the mess. Enter: our post-waterworks rescue plan. Here to help us are celebrity makeup artist Kristin Gallegos and the founder of Art of Dermatology, Jessica Krant, MD, who both weigh in about how to look good again after a sob session. Read on for the details.

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