Makeup That'll Stay Put When You're Feeling All The Feelings

No matter how steely you fancy yourself, you are definitely going to cry this summer. It's not your fault. People you love are getting married left and right. Armageddon is inexplicably on TBS every weekend. And, you watch it, because you don't wanna miss a thing. What about when you're just hangry and stuck on the subway and no one understands the importance of personal space? This is the stuff that will destroy you.
When you're feeling those feelings, it's better to just let it all out. So, we rounded up the absolute best makeup so you don't emerge from a sob-fest looking like that girl from The Ring. Also, we've called it crye — crying eye — makeup. Why? Because.
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"Waterproof makeup usually scares the bejesus out of me. But, when your BFF walks down the aisle to Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream,' tears are inevitable. This eyeliner is waterproof, run-resistant, and ACTUALLY stays put." — Kate Hyatt, director of production
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“Here's my secret: I only apply eyeliner every other day. That's because MJ Magic Marc'er (cute name!) is so indestructible, it looks pretty much exactly the same when you wake up the next morning, so all you need to do is touch up and go. Yes, I should probably wash my face more thoroughly. No, I probably won't if it means I get to channel Ronnie Spector twice as often with half the effort. Stands up to ugly-face PMS cries, too — take it from one who knows!” — Leeann Duggan, style features editor
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"Revlon's ColorStay Concealer has been my go-to cover-up since I was 15 and has survived many a beachside barbecue. The grill smoke always makes me tear up faster than onion-cutting ninjas, so it's a testament to its durability that a light coat can survive the combo of tears, grease, seawater, and sweat." — Venus Wong, editorial intern
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“Even though it's technically not waterproof, Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner has clung to my lids through many a cry session — which is pretty insane for any liquid formula. Plus, it's made with this super-small, easy-to-use applicator pen. So, if your tears do cause it to slip, it's easy to reapply in a pinch.” — Maria Del Russo, beauty writer
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"Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner stays put all day and is perfect for special occasions (weddings, graduations) where you might be crying like a baby." — Daniela Fuentes, video intern
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"This Trish McEvoy mascara is so much more than waterproof. It forms these little tubes around each lash (not as creepy-looking as it sounds), and they STAY PUT. Honestly, sometimes, I just pull it off because makeup-removing it is hard work. But, on the bright side, totally weep-proof." — Neha Gandhi, executive editor
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“God made me a feeler, therefore I cry at everything. EVERYTHING. (Yes, even during episodes of Restaurant Impossible.) I swear by Stila's Stay-All-Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in jet black. It withstands A LOT, and the precision felt tip is super easy to use as well — kind of like a fine-tip Sharpie, but not as scary." — Annie Kim, senior campaign manager
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"Maybelline's Shine-Free Foundation Stick is great for quick touch-ups after a decent cry session." — Alexandra Garza, social media intern
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“I recently started using Cannonball Mascara by Urban Decay, and it's the most waterproof mascara I've come across: It only comes off with oil.” — Rockie Nolan, photo assistant
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"My sister is a YouTube beauty guru, and she swears by this waterproof cream blush!" — Claire Schultz, shopping intern
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"This might sound counterintuitive but I picked up Clinique High Impact Mascara once and discovered it is the ultimate eye makeup: thickening, lengthening, everything-ing. It makes your whole face look elegant and put-together — just as long as you don't blink or sneeze or have any emotions all day. If you so much as worry over your lunch order, this mascara will run. My advice is to just lay it on thick, look great, then when the feelings hit just be the most crye you can be. Don't try and hide it with extra pressed powder and that waterproofed stuff that never comes off. No one is buying it. This summer, make it your mission to have the MOST feelings. Have ALL OF THEM." — Kelsey Miller, senior features writer
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