Creature Feature: R29 Spots an Animalistic Trend

Let's face it. It's a jungle out there, and we're not the only ones to take note. Designers are looking to our furry and feathered friends for inspiration this autumn. As we've reported, animals have made their mark on jewelry, and we've seen an influx of graphic face T's, and now we're noticing a blending of trends with clothing and accessories with animal mugs plastered all over them. These pieces are not only adorable and quirky, they're PETA (and Kate Winslet) friendly nods to critters large and small. Who needs a trip to the zoo when the wild kingdom has taken the fashion world by storm?
Above, clockwise from top left: Jeremy Scott Fox Run Knit Scarf, $275, available at Forward by Revolve; Pleasure Principle Eagle Print T, $110, available at Seven New York; Topshop Realitees Owl Top, $44, available at Topshop; Loomstate Dog Graphic Tee, $60, available at Barneys New York; Tsumori Chisato Brown Owl Sweater, $585, available at Satine
Clockwise, from left: Grizzly Nights Wolf T-shirt, $33, Grizzly Nights; Deer Dana Bunnies T-shirt, $50, available at I Don't Like Mondays; Fred Flare Elephant Necklace, $18, available at Fred Flare; Grizzly Nights Wolf T-shirt, $33, available at Grizzly Nights; Something by Something Else Fox T-shirt, $75, available at Pixie Market.

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