These Women Prove Your Passion CAN Be Your Paycheck

If you’ve ever considered pursuing a career in the arts, you’ve heard all the reasons it’s an ill-advised path: There’s no job security. You’ll live in a studio apartment your whole life. The only people who prosper have given into someone else’s vision. But, if you ask us, doing what you love is the best way to succeed. That’s one reason we make it our business to tell the stories of women who dare to be different.
Being surrounded by women who’ve turned their passions into their pursuits is what makes Refinery29 such an inspiring, challenging place to work. In an effort to share a little of that inspiration with you, we tapped five of R29’s most visionary talents (including executive creative director Piera Gelardi and editor-in-chief Christene Barberich) for their singular perspectives on creativity, success, and — of course — style. To evoke that risk-taking spirit and tenacious energy, we styled these women in gems from Cartier's Panthère line. The emerald eyes, onyx muzzle, and diamond coat of the panther look right at home (and totally fierce) adorning these five phenoms. If you can't rub elbows with 'em at the office, this just might be the next best thing.

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