Add This To The RidicuList: A Rundown Of Summer’s Only-In-SoCal News

While it may seem that the L.A. news circuit is best known for its celeb gossip and red-carpet coverage, that isn't always the case. Just like any major metropolis, our city has its fair share of hyper-local happenings that only an Angeleno could truly appreciate — and, you better believe there was zero shortage in the silly-stories department this summer.
For instance, this season is sure to go down in the books for the crack down on cannabis shops. With the most recent July 24 vote shutting down dispensaries starting next month, is our pot-friendly town, notorious for shops on every corner, about to lose its buzz? Well, let's not forget about the crazy couple in Irvine that planted drugs in their PTA president's car! When it comes to the weird and wacky, it suddenly seems like we're not slowing down anytime soon.
The good news: We learned we're not numero uno for traffic congestion (Honolulu earned that top spot, and they can have it!). But there's bad news, too. Remember the man that scaled a downtown water tower in the buff only to be lured down by burgers, or that 400-pound bear named Meatball who invaded Glendale not once, but twice and secured his own Twitter account? For further proof that Lala Land is doing a stand-up job living up to its title, click here. (LA Times)

Photo: Via LA Times